Friday, November 2, 2007

Don't Go's 90 Day Goal

They say in Hollywood it's all about who you know ... We know you; who do you know? If you know someone who runs a network, represents a network, .... is a well-liked janitor at a network, we wanna know.

Starting November 3, 2007, we are going to find "Don't Go" a television home in the the next 90 days and we need your help. We are asking for names, emails, phone numbers of people you know who can make the "Don't Go" dream come true. Email us at with any information you have. And if your info finds a home for "Don't Go", you'll get a walk-on role in an episode of the show.

So please people, forward this email to as many people you know and help make history with "Don't Go"!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Don't Go Wins Blue Flame Award!!!

The awards committee for the Oakland International Black LGBT Film Festival has given Amber Sharp the Blue Flame Award for Best Director for "Don't Go"!!

Thank you to everyone for the amazing reception the project has received thus far.